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Maintenance Division

Maintenance and installations (Industrial and Commercial)

  • Work done to SABS standards
  • Best practice to installation methods
  • Machine and production line automation
  • Breakdown repairs
  • Development, line optimisation, modifications to improve production and product quality
  • Proposal to maintenance programs
  • Maintenance contracts 

Paying less doesn’t mean you get the best! If you have work done by someone you must not only compare the price but also the substance of the work. To get a wire from A to B and the “component” work is one thing, the manner in which it is done is more important, important as such that legislation is set out about it. There is design, protection and good/standard practice in which electrical work should be done If you make use of unqualified, unskilled and un registered people you might save a little money at first, but you will end up with a low standard of workmanship, and most probably work that is done in a illegal manner. It is much harder to fix up something that is a mess than to do it right from the beginning. It is in your best interest to have the job done first time right.